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Order Panasonic Toughbooks with Windows 7 before the deadline

Windows 7 OEMMicrosoft quietly pulled the plug on Windows 7, and as of October 31, 2018, the company will stop allowing OEM’s to provide the software preloaded on their devices. Bottom line? Windows 7 PCs will be increasingly hard to find as inventory vanishes from warehouses.
MCT understands it’s critical that your agency be able to continue using Windows 7, and Panasonic is ensuring that the software won’t disappear immediately from their Toughbooks and Toughpads.


Order Panasonic Toughbooks preloaded with Windows 7 by JULY 13, 2018 and make sure your agency avoids disruption.



Panasonic ToughbookNational IPA Contract 171725-01

This contract allows you to purchase Panasonic Toughbooks and related items. The 5-year contract was competitively solicited by the City of Tucson, which any agency can use to purchase. And, MCT doesn’t charge you National IPA’s 2% contract fee.

NASPO ValuePoint Contract ADSPO18-183112

MCT has been approved by the State of Arizona for this contract and meets its purchasing parameters for Panasonic Toughbooks and accessories. MCT never charges you NASPO’s 1% contract fee.

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