Offering Technology Products for State and Local Governments

March 16, 2021 (Phoenix) – Mobile Concepts Technology (MCT), a provider of rugged technology devices for public safety agencies such as fire departments, law enforcement, EMS, transportation, and other state and local departments, announced today that it is now on Panasonic’s NASPO ValuePoint PC Goods contracts as a reseller partner for the states of Colorado and Utah. The NASPO program provides select reseller partners like MCT with the ability to sell to members using these contracts. MCT is also on NASPO contracts for Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Panasonic is the lead administration agency for the NASPO ValuePoint contract, supporting the Minnesota Materials Management Division, offering Panasonic business products, including computer equipment, peripherals, and procurement services to its members.

The National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) is a non-profit, cooperative purchasing organization where states can leverage spending through a single solicitation for the best value and contract terms. This division of labor allows states to benefit from lower administrative costs. Contractors also benefit by avoiding bid preparation expenses and are able to realize greater volumes for multiple jurisdictions when determining their pricing. These savings are then passed along to the states.
As a Panasonic Prime Partner, MCT was eligible for NASPO consideration and secured the Colorado and Utah contracts by submitting a business plan detailing their strategy for serving customers in those geographic areas.