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Why rugged docking and mounting solutions are critical

Protect your rugged in-vehicle computers After being in the mobile technology industry for more than 40+ years, the professionals at MCT have tested most rugged products on the market. MCT looks to Havis to protect Panasonic rugged computers and power supplies with...

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FirstNet has arrived

Get ready to make the transition! FirstNet services connect first responders across agencies, jurisdictions and state/territory/tribal lines to help them stay safe and save lives. Through FirstNet’s network, first responders’ traffic is prioritized above other...

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iPad vs. the rugged tablet

Choosing the right option for EMS agencies How do you determine when you need something more durable than an iPad? Consider TCO (total cost of ownership), downtime and replacement costs. If the iPad breaks, how many times can your agency buy a new one? The biggest...

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