MCT’s rugged tablet and laptop solutions provide public safety and emergency response personnel with what they need to gather data at the scene and transmit reliable communications. Our top priority is to ensure that public safety officials on the frontline can rely on technology that stands up to wear and tear, is easy to use, and that meets their rugged mobility requirements.

Many of our agencies work across diverse sectors—law enforcement, public utilities, and emergency medical services, to name a few. We want to empower these agencies to use mobile technology to effectively accomplish their missions.

MCT has a distinguished track record in delivering technology solutions that have enhanced the efforts of public safety officials, thereby improving the protection and safety of the citizens they serve.

State & Local Governments

Law Enforcement Agencies


Fire Departments

Water Departments

Public Utility Departments

Public Works Departments

Transit Authorities

Geographic Information Systems

Alexandria, VA Police Department
Alexandria, VA Sheriff’s Department
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)
Douglas County, CO Sheriff’s Department
Glendale, AZ Police Department
Goodyear, AZ Police Department
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department (AZ)
Nevada Highway Patrol
Nevada State Police Parole and Probation
Peoria, AZ Police Department

Phoenix, AZ Police Department
Phoenix, AZ Fire Department
Phoenix, AZ Water Department
Pima County Sheriff’s Department (AZ)
Reno, NV Police Department
Surprise, AZ Police Department
Tempe, AZ Police Department
Tucson, AZ Police Department
Utah Transit Authority
Yuma County Sheriff’s Department
Vail, CO Police Department