Impact of the coronavirus

With the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the World Health Organization (WHO) has offered ongoing recommendations about how to avoid spreading the virus, including social distancing, sheltering at home, frequent hand-washing, and avoiding touching one’s face.

According to research, the average person touches their mobile devices more than 2,000 times a day. Phones, tablets, and laptops can be thought of as a portable petri dish.

The issue with sharing devices

This problem can be exacerbated when mobile devices are shared among employees. Multiple people touching a contaminated device can quickly spread a virus throughout a work environment.

Recent studies from the Journal of Hospital Infection show that the coronavirus can survive on the glass and plastic found on technology devices for up to nine days. Though thoroughly cleaning a device is an important step in containing the spread of coronavirus, it may not be 100 percent effective.

Keeping public safety workers safe

Most organizations know that their greatest asset is their workforce, so keeping them healthy should be a top priority for leadership. In fact, illness-related lost productivity typically costs U.S. employers $530 billion per year.

While the longevity of the virus remains unknown, employees throughout the country are being asked to work from home. For public safety officers, working remotely is not an option, making it critical to think through protocols that will protect these workers from the spread of germs and illness.

Outfitting your workforce

The MCT & Panasonic Solution

In an effort to help public safety agencies acquire additional mobile technology and accessories for their workforce, MCT is offering financial solutions, such as hardware leasing and Device-as-a Subscription (DaaS).

Both allow you to purchase Panasonic

TOUGHBOOKS now and defer payment until a later date DaaS enables your department to inexpensively bundle hardware, software, and service into a subscription-based agreement. This plan allows you to scale and flex as needed.

In addition, Panasonic is collaborating with MCT on special pricing for its customers during this unprecedented health event.

Contact MCT for more information on how we can help provide your mobile workforce with the technology equipment they need to do their job and stay healthy.

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