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FirstNet services connect first responders across agencies, jurisdictions and state/territory/tribal lines to help them stay safe and save lives. Through FirstNet’s network, first responders’ traffic is prioritized above other customers, allowing users to send and receive voice, data, video, and images during times of network congestion. FirstNet offers push-to-talk interoperability between cellular devices and Land Mobile Radio, and a roadmap to offering critical push-to-talk.

As a technology resource, MCT knows it’s essential for first responders to keep up with evolving technology that ensures you can serve your communities as effectively as possible – especially when disaster strikes. The Panasonic team is equipped with the tools and resources to help you get up and running on FirstNet and is committed to guiding Toughbook users through every step of the process.


You may have questions about FirstNet:
  • Why should I move to FirstNet?
  • Will my existing technology be protected as I make the FirstNet transition?
  • When will FirstNet be available in my area?
  • What technology and support do I need to get on FirstNet?

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Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Mobile Concepts Technology (MCT) has been serving the needs of a wide range of public safety agencies and companies since 2008, as value-added distributor of technology devices for mobile environments. From rugged tablets and laptops, to docking stations and mounting equipment, the company offers the latest in mobile technology. MCT keeps current on new and improved mobile equipment and efficient ways to move your project to completion. The company’s primary focus is on government markets including fire departments, law enforcement, EMS, and state and local departments, and offers National IPA, GSA and Texas DIR contracts for many of the products that we represent. Our team is ready to extend and expand the benefits of our flexible solutions to meet the needs of all local and regional public safety agencies.